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The Essentials
Last Seen: Online
Joined: Jun 14, 2015
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Location: Detroit, MI, US
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Men
HIV Status: Negative
Height: 5 ft. 8 in. /172.72 cm.
Race/Ethnicity: White
About Me
I'm Gay I suppose. Just not the typical TV variety gay. Also, if you want to chat, do so in the chat room. If I don't know you, I won't typically respond to pvt messages or e-mails. Sorry.
Religion: My religion is about treating people with respect, and do onto others, as you would have done onto yourself. There are some exceptions if you're into S&M.
Favorite Quotes: I'm not saying we should kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying we should remove all the warning labels and let nature take it's course.
Arts & Entertainment
Books: Sci-Fi.
Movies: Sci-Fi mostly.
Television: Most Marvel/DC TV Shows. Sci-Fi'ish shows. And Law shows.
Music: All kinds, though I'm not really into Rap. There could be some exceptions.
Favortie Sports: Hockey
Favorite Teams: Red Wings
Favorite Athletes: I don't have one.
Activites & Interests
Interests: Computers, German, and miscellaneous.

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